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"Obstructions manages to rip apart a rule book of fractured techno and grinds it down into a mechanical soup of abstract chiptune referencing funk!"


Obstructions are Simon Cresswell and Jim Hoult. Their experimental abrasive sound design and morphing rhythms provide an uneasy sonic listening experience that is as impenetrable as it is addictive!



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"Braindance electronica at its finest and a must check for all Mr. 76ix and Anodyne heads!" -


Steve Wood drops 7 tracks of melodic braindance for

Electronic Tapes under his Stephanovich guise.


Swirling analogue strings complemented by

squelch-acid basslines pay tribute to the golden age of

Warp/Rephlex with intoxicating effect.


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"Octavcat present a double sided drop of squelch heavy scratch-acid!" -


“Lovely, really special. Thankyou.” - Joefarr

"Radio Play" - Tom Ravenscroft / BBC 6 Music

“Lovely!” - Robdabank / BBC Radio 1

“Yes!!! send me idm tapes this shit rules” - Paul Simpson / Decoder Magazine

“Likes me a bit o acid :)” - Rob Smith / RSD

“An incredible journey in the audio abilities of these two geniuses!”

- Normski


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